Trails' "Four Seasons, Four Years, For Life" outdoor programme builds confidence through skill development, high school credits, bursaries and mentorship. We challenge and equip vulnerable youth to become contributing members of the community.

Trails Stats

26 Years operating
1992 Became a Registered Charity
2001 Designated Privately Inspected School
500 Graduates
93% 4-year retention rate
4+2 Length of programme in years
40 New students per year
$1.1M 2019 Budget
31% $ from Board of Governors
24% $ from Events
21% $ from Foundations
19% $ from Corporations
0% $ from Government
77% $ spent in Programming



About the Programme

Through a longitudinal approach, Trails focuses on creating lasting change in youths.


Our Participants

Our participants come from a variety of diverse and multicultural backgrounds in Toronto.


Support Trails

Help empower youth to become contributing members in their communities.


News and Updates

Learn more about what's happening with the Trails programme.