Building Success

Every year thousands of vulnerable Toronto youth do not get a chance to realize their potential. They are consistently challenged by a combination of barriers stemming from their circumstances. By no fault of their own they are at risk of not achieving positive life outcomes and are most vulnerable to violence, poverty, and crime.

At Trails we strive to ensure youth can pursue their hopes, dreams, and aspirations, free of barriers based on race, gender, economic status, or geography, so that they can achieve success and meaningfully contribute to their community.

We believe that early intervention, the right amount of guidance, support, and structure can change everything. Trails is about prevention: helping our participants identify their strengths and imbuing them with a desire to complete high school, seek further education and/or productive careers, and to contribute to their community.

Trails Stats

26 Years operating
1992 Became a registered charity
1997 Opened camp in Whitchurch-Stoufville
520 Confirmed graduates
90% 4-year retention rate
4+2 Length of programme in years
40 New students per year
$800K 2017 Budget
31% $ from Board of Governors
24% $ from Events
21% from Foundations
19% $ from Corporations
0% $ from Government
77% $ spent of Programming

Vancestock VII

Mark your calendars, Vancestock fans!!  Vancestock VII will be held on Thursday, October 11, 2018 (after Thanksgiving). The event returns to the Adelaide Hall in Toronto and features Elton Rohn (the premier Elton John tribute act), Matt Weidinger and Sisters & Brothers (Logan &  Jessica & Siblings).


EchoAge is an online Birthday Party Service where kids get the gift they want AND give to Trails Youth Initiatives.



About the Programme

Through a longitudinal approach, Trails focuses on creating lasting change in youths.


Our Participants

Our participants come from a variety of diverse and multicultural backgrounds in Toronto.


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Help empower youth to become contributing members in their communities.


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