"is to challenge and equip vulnerable youth from the inner city to become 
contributing members of their communities."



On Behalf of the Trails Family we would like to say thank you to Vance Cooper, his family, friends, musicians and the Hard Rock Café, all of who had a direct impact on making this evening so magical.  Vancestock III on October 9th raised more than $35,000 to support vulnerable youth who are deemed at risk.  We believe that we are on the right path, as is illustrated by the quote from one of our Year 1 Participants, who said when asked what he had learned during his time at Trails?  “What you are on the outside is not what you are on the inside.” 

At TRAILS we know that growth and transformation is related to a series of interconnected relationships formed among people with a common vision. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this important and innovative programme. Trails increases the possibility of vulnerable youth becoming contributing members of society, despite the many challenges that their upbringings and surroundings may present. 

Save the date for Vancestock IV; Thursday October 1, 2015!!!



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