Holiday Campaign 2017

Holiday Campaign 2017

Give the Gift of HOPE this Holiday Season
Support Trails Youth Initiatives

Trails is a “hope community.” Hope that things can be different, hope that there are people who care for you and want to help you, hope that you can be successful and hope that you belong. Our kids come from circumstances that many of us would struggle to imagine and Trails gives them a chance to believe that they can move beyond their past and create new stories. Our mission remains to challenge and equip vulnerable youth to become contributing members of the community; and we could not do it without your support.

Please partner with us to provide hope this holiday season. Your contribution will support our Holiday Celebration, provide Winter Equipment or you can choose to support our general programming fund.

Holiday Celebration – contribute to the annual turkey and stuffing dinner celebration for our participants, their families and our supporters

Winter Equipment – provide much-needed equipment, such as skating helmets, snowshoes and skis, for our upcoming winter weekends

“Fill a Need” Donation – Provide a gift that will help Trails have a greater impact and meet the needs of our participants. Gifts will be used towards home-cooked meals, curriculum, programme facilitators, transportation or programme supplies.

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