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Nominate Participant


Our unique approach focuses on an adolescent's long-term development.  Over the course of four years, Trails provides youth with the skills knowledge and confidence to make a difference in their communities. Our youth are referred to us by the teachers, guidance counselors and principals from our five feeder schools, all in high priority neighborhoods in Toronto.

  • Lawrence Heights Middle School
  • Donview Middle School
  • Pierre Laporte Middle School
  • Portage Trail Community School
  • Warden Avenue Public School
  • Beverley Heights Middle School

Our schools are selected by using the Toronto District School Board's Learning Opportunities Index (LOI). LOI ranks schools from most needy to the least needy. Needs are not measured in absolutes but compares schools relative to the same sets of variables. This LOI is used to distribute funding from the Ministry of Education, and we intentionally select schools that are in communities that need additional resources like Trails.

Application Process

The process of recruitment is intentional and consistent with our desire to create long-term relationships that are sustainable. We are fortunate to have ‘champions’ in our feeder schools who believe that Trails is an added value to their student's success. Youth are recruited during their Grade 6 year and the Programme Director begins to liaise with the teachers, principals, and administrators in September.

An initial conversation begins with the review of our goals, mission, strategies of success and long-term benefits, including support through high school in the form of mentoring, and beyond to financial assistance at post-secondary education.

Over the period of October-December, presentations to teachers and all grade 6 classes in each of our schools occurs. We have current participants in each school come to help with these presentations as part of the effort to cultivate leadership at the schools. Teachers refer potential applicants, and fill out a teacher referral form. The Trails Director will meet with parents and potential participants in a group forum. This process takes place from January-March annually.

Final selection of 10 boys and 10 girls (age 12) requires a final interview with parents and children. Parents are notified in April regarding the acceptance of their child and a final medical form along with $100 programme fee is required to complete the recruitment.  Parents and  participants are required to attend an orientation at the Trails Site in June.

Applying for Trails

If you are interested in having your child join Trails or have any questions, please contact Brandon McKinley To proceed with the application, the forms are available below and when submitted will go directly to Brandon.  Please note that  both forms must be submitted for the applicant to be considered.  

Trails Participant Schedule

Download a copy of the Trails Participant Schedule. 

Trails Participant Schedule 2017