Recognized as Top Charity in Canada

Published by Maclean's, Trails ranked 2nd in the youth category and 4th overall of Canada's Best Charities. The Canada's Best Charities 2020 list helps Canadians evaluate where to allocate charity contributions. Our inclusion on this highly respected list validates Trails impact with a 95% grade. The Charity Intelligence assessment investigates financial metrics and transparency, rewarding those with the most effective use of donations.

Our People

Our People

Board of Governors

Founder and Chair:

  • Jim Hayhurst Sr.


  • Gordon Cressy (Vice Chair)
  • Susan Armitage
  • Tony Arrell
  • Charles Baillie
  • Tim Casgrain
  • Mary Anne Chambers
  • Jack Cockwell
  • David Crombie
  • Kiki Delaney
  • Sylvain Dion
  • Shaun Francis
  • Ian Greenberg
  • Richard Hamm
  • John Honderich
  • Brooke Hunter
  • Norman Keevil III
  • David Kerr
  • Sheldon Levy
  • Paul Little
  • John McIntosh
  • Joe Pantalone
  • Rose Patten
  • Courtney Pratt
  • Timothy Price
  • Aaron Regent
  • William Thorsell
  • James Werry

Board of Directors


Programme Office: 905-836-0100

Office/Fundraising: 905-836-0285   |   1-877-836-0285